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Call me crazy but I love editing. Small oversights, mistakes and anomalies jump out and beg me to smooth over
their rough edges, refine their message, convey your ideas with clarity and precision.


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A 20% deposit is requested on commencement of services. All work is undertaken in strictest confidence unless agreed otherwise.
I reserve the right to return any deposit and refuse to work on material I find offensive.
While I will use my best endeavours, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.
Where suggestions for improvement are made, it is the author’s decision/responsibility to implement these.
By instructing me in writing to commence work, you accept these terms and conditions.


“It has been a pleasure engaging Zoe’s editing services.  I am able to release my books to market with complete confidence they are of the highest possible standard. Zoe is warm, approachable and supportive. Her explanations through the editing process are clear and insightful. The extra documentation she provides to assist with craft development is exceptional. In addition to receiving a highly improved product, I am learning and growing as a writer. I would highly recommend Zoe and look forward to continuing to work with her.​” — Ellie Spark, www.elliespark.com Author of Love Out of Order, Love Undercover, Love on the Run, Love for Hire, Love Under Fire

Nicolette Hugo review for zoetic words

“I loved working with Zoe – she hit all the notes. Not only was her turnaround quick and professional, but I found her edits sympathetic to my author voice and style, on top of that she added some great deep edit recommendations as well as warm and friendly support.” – Nicolette Hugo, Author of The Arrangement and Exhibition

Wally The Bear Finch review for zoetic words

“For the life of me, I can find only a small percentage of the mistakes I make. Being a two finger typist generally means I make a lot of mistakes and typos. When I read back over my work the errors seem to become invisible. Zoe has been amazing ploughing through a veritable minefield of spelling and punctuation blunders and correcting them. My newsletter, eMuse, is into its fifth year now. In that time Zoe has amazed me with her quiet, accurate efficiency. These qualities are impressively matched by the speed of her work. My subscription list is constantly growing at an amazing pace. I doubt if readers would have much patience with it if my mistakes went uncorrected. Thank you Zoe for everything you do so well.”  – Wally (the Bear) Finch, Bush Poet

Des Bowman review for zoetic words

“Zoe Younger helped me enormously with the editing and suggested layout of my new book “Without Love I Am Nothing” that is available on my website www.desbowman.com.au. Her experience and skill has proved invaluable to me and no doubt Zoe’s gifts would be extremely valuable to those who sought her help.” – Des Bowman, Inspirational Speaker

Robby Dennis review for zoetic words

“Being a fledgling author, I was pleasantly surprised how much I learned from Zoe’s input. She picked up things that many others raked though and still missed. She raised questions and helped me get a bird’s eye view of my manuscript. I liked that she intuitively understood what I was attempting to say and I never felt my author voice compromised. Because of her, I have improved my editing skills and learned some valuable lessons. The speed with which she worked on my two manuscripts amazed me, and I am eager to use her services again. Robby Dennis, author of Love In Speranza, The Sicilian List and The Tree of Hope.” www.robbydennisromance.com.

Elsa Holland review for zoetic words

“I have been working with Zoe Younger since 2006 as critique partner. In 2015 I began publishing the The Velvet Basement series. Zoe has assisted me in various capacities with The Veiled Heart, The Bound Heart and The Painted Heart. I am particularly impressed with her ability to embrace the Chicago Style manual to ensure my work best matched the reading comfort and familiarity of my US readers. Zoe has a natural eye for detail. Her extensive training as a writer ensures that she lends insight in craft to her edit as well as a sensitivity to voice and a writers unique perspective.” Babette Furstner writing as Elsa Holland. www.elsaholland.com.

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