About Me

Welcome to my world, a world of wonderful words!

My world is built around words. Reading was my first love, my teacher, my escape. Reading the dictionary, learning about, playing with, seeing how words work and flow together. Conveying ideas, concepts, emotions and stories and then going to work with them. I learned so much from professionals in business, law, science such as veterinary pathologists.

18209244_10203264185803076_8149333474850518130_oEach new challenge adds depth to my understanding and appreciation for where words come from, how they are constructed. Shades of meaning, connotations and nuances are important when striving for accuracy, specificity and clarity. When a critique partner suggested I upgrade my skills and become an editor, I did. I love being a fully fledged member of the Institute of Professional Editors.

I’ve learned to be sensitive to creative style, to protect the unique voice of the author and to pay close attention to detail. I have particular interest and experience with romantic fiction.