Lose ourselves

There are all kinds of books in my library. Books I lose myself in and books in which I have found myself. One never knows which kind of book one is going to be when you take it down off the shelf.

As a writer, it’s much the same, at least for me. Some books take me away and I never want to come back. Others answer questions I wasn’t aware I needed to ask. I have a special fondness for books which teach me something unexpectedly.

Sweet Words

Sweet words

A nice reminder for today. Sweet words are one thing. Sickly sweet sentimentality is quite another.

Who decides which is which? The person to whom you wish to direct your words. Personal taste is an important consideration when choosing your words. Unfortunately, what melts one person, can repulse another.


Story make you laugh

This is so true. If your story doesn’t move you, you cannot expect it to move your reader. Keep your reader in mind and what reaction you want to provoke.

Write and rewrite and edit until your words crush the heart in your own chest, tears stream down your cheeks, you can’t stop laughing, until you can’t believe you wrote that. Blow yourself out of the water.

The original writer…

Finding and developing your own original voice is important. There is nobody like you. Nobody has your unique point of view and outlook on life.

The only secret to finding your voice? There is no secret. Just be yourself. Sound like yourself. Put your words together as nobody else does. Make them sparkle and shine as only you can.