Are you a Book Nut?

Book nut

Are you a bibliophile? A book nut? How do you know?

  • You have more books than just about anything else
  • Your idea of decorating is how to fit in more books
  • Some of your best friends are between the covers of books
  • You have more than one copy of your favourite stories
  • Bookstores call your name from across the city and across the world
  • Librarian and bookstore owners know you by name
  • You are trivia night’s most valuable player in writers/literature
  • You beta read for your favourite authors and they look forward to your reviews
  • Your Facebook feed is full of posts from your favourite authors
  • Reading is an essential part of life, you always have a book/books with you
  • A day without books is like a desert
  • You think again before loaning out books or prefer to buy another copy for loaning
  • Anything which interrupts your reading annoys you eg work, sleep…
  • The wrong ending to an awesome story is a personal insult
  • A day spent with your book(s) is never wasted

You are? Awesome! Me too.