A different kind of true

Stories are

True stories can sound unbelievable. Though often based on truth, they must often be ‘massaged’ by a writer for various reasons, including:

  • protection the innocent or the family or friends of the innocent… the identity of the person or persons involved who may not appreciate the fame or notoriety;
  • providing the story with a background which ‘makes sense’;
  • to bestow a richly deserved ‘happy-ever-after’; or
  • deliver your ‘character’ the karma they deserve because the slippery eel avoids everything they deserve in real life…;
  • making sense of an event which the writer cannot understand in reality;
  • because the reality sounds far-fetched; and/or
  • to avoid legal proceedings for defamation, slander etc.

Which have you done in the course of your writing or come across in your reading?



A good book

That’s not a good book, that’s the best book. When you want to read slowly because you enjoy the book so much you don’t want to end, but you also want to read fast so you can find out what happens!

The best thing is that, with a book, you can keep your friends close. Re-reading your favourite books is like revisiting that lost friend. There’s nothing like reading a new book and discovering how good it is, but reading an old friend is almost as good. Especially when you have an aging memory. Then all your best friends are new again. Probably one of the few benefits of such a memory.