Telling lies for a living

Why we write

There is nothing wrong with telling lies for a living. Writers of fiction are not the only ones who do it. So long as there is no intent to commit fraud or harm, why should we not? After all, it is not only writers who tell lies for a living. Poets, artists, singers and songwriters, actors, commedians…

Why do we love these liars, buy their books, music, art and movies? Because we find value in suspending our disbelief, opening our hearts and minds to their lies and finding that most valuable kernel of truth.



Some time ago, I read about someone who said that their idea of decorating was working out where to put the next bookcase. I identify completely! Don’t you?

We’ve officially run out of bookcases. Maybe I need one of these bookcases so that my house can be beautifully furnished. Do you think that I can hide behind it and catch up on my reading too? Nothing’s impossible but… sigh.