Imbue Words With Power

In all aspects of my life I firmly believe I can always learn something from everybody if I keep my eyes open and my mind receptive to learning. Nowhere it this more true than when it comes to writing and editing. Writing is an art which must be learned and practiced.

How do we imbue our words with power? By knowing what we want to say and using the most powerful words in our vocabulary to say it. Pare your prose down to the bare minimum required to convey your message. Read, read, read and analyse what you read, whether to learn how to write powerfully, or how to avoid weakening your words. Strengthen your vocabulary and your writing skills.

Learn from other writers, join local writer’s groups, state, national or international associations, research whatever you need to in reputable books, do courses, attend seminars and conferences. Invest in yourself and your art, then put it all into practice.