Books are lighthouses


Don’t you love how easy it can be to read books not always available in hard copy print? We can now read books written hundreds of years ago; books scanned digitally and put up for sale or even provided free of charge.

Read the thoughts and ideas of people long dead. Some are surprisingly close to our current thinking, some vastly different. Others contain lessons just as relevant today as they were when they were written.

I love to read, to learn, to explore the past, to learn how the present came to be and how we can possibly influence our future.

Good Fiction

Fiction and truth

Why? Because fiction is just that. A product of the imagination of a writer. The result of careful crafting, not constrained by facts, reality or the world we live in.

Your definition of good fiction may be different at various times, depending on many things including your mood, what you want out of your book.

Why do you read whatever it is that you read? Can you add to this list?
For enjoyment, procrastination, escape, fantasy, entertainment, mental stimulation, armchair travel. To find answers, learn the right questions to ask, how to make better decisions, educate yourself. To improve your life skills, capacity for understanding, empathy, vocabulary, memory, focus, concentration, communication, writing skills, creativity, motivation, physical and mental health, self-esteem, learn the lessons of history, learn how people think, why they act as they do, learn life skills, how to make better decisions, open your mind. To lose yourself in fantasy, explore the universe, other lands, people and cultures, your own choices, motivations and depths, to put yourself to sleep…

Stories as mirrors


When I can’t understand something important, I search, I research and I write. I write and write everything I know, everything I feel until clarity comes. Sometimes I don’t completely understand until my story is told. Sometimes I don’t understand the details even then.

What is a draft if not telling yourself the story. Rewriting and editing are for clarifying it all first in the mind of the writer so that the reader may ask the right questions to find their own answers.