Words in your heart

Isn’t this so true! How many of those are heartbreaking occasions can you think of?

Times such as when someone:

  • was ripped from your life unexpectedly, without time to say goodbye;
  • died before you could work out how you felt, let alone tell them;
  • moved on and married another before you gathered the courage to tell them of your love; or
  • when you developed feelings for someone out of reach, or forbidden.

One which is fresh in my memory is a visit to a nursing home. Although I don’t know the lady well, I was supporting my friend who has known her most of their lives. This lady is confined to her bed and is almost unable to communicate, and unable to read as she previously loved to do.

I can’t imagine how I would cope if words were taken from me. Maybe I don’t want to. Words are such a big part of who I am. Having to live without being able to communicate would be a fate almost worse than death.

Have I prompted you to express those feelings for a character you are writing? Good. I’m glad. I’d love to hear how you get on with it.


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