Working With Words

I love words.

Little words, big words and all those in between. Words with rhythm, words that rhyme.

Words convey messages, ideas, emotions, you name it…

Communication is not always by means of words but often the most important, the one we want to get exactly right, these are the occasions when we need exactly the right words.

Words can be so simple, pedestrian, that everyone understands them. Are they any less valuable for their simplicity? They can be so valuable as to surpass all others. Precious words like I love you. Hateful words like He is gone. Words we remember a lifetime later.

Then there are words which require more of the writer and the reader but reward us with something valuable, profound, moving to action, the power they can impart can have immense repercussions.

Then there are those which are a riddle, a conundrum, words which gnaw at us, revealing their meaning only when we work at them, adjust our thought processes and open our minds to understand their hidden depths.

Words are my first love as a writer, my livelihood as a secretary, and my joy as an editor. When they reach readers my hope is that they give them the same delight. How satisfying it is to find exactly the right words to convey your thoughts and ideas. Will my words be potent, compelling? Will they change lives? I hope so.

Words can evoke powerful feelings in me, feelings I want to stir in readers.

Words can sing in perfect rhythm and rhyme. Poets and musicians weave words and melody into magic.

There are words for almost every occasion. But, much as I hate to admit it, they have limits. Sometimes, words fail even the best of us. At times, pictures can say much more and can evoke emotions from which words must flow.

Words can fail when I am too happy for words, these are the best times.

They can also fail when the world is too complicated, sad or evil. Those are the worst of times.

When we fully understand what we see and hear, when we feel it, the exact words will bubble up from our hearts.

That is the wonder of Words.

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